Covering all aspects of plastering and building work, residential and commercial.

In an industry of ever escalating requirements we make a point of keeping up to date with the latest methods and materials available including machine plastering and coloured rendering systems. These days we offer a complete series of applications designed to streamline the building process. See our service page which highlights some of the ranges we can provide.

One of most important key of high quality finish plastering which is going to last for years it’s a preparation. It’s separate science, involving huge volume of knowledge, from right identifying type of surface to right materials to be used for it, such as:

  • identifying surface either penetrating damp or dump mould or just a water mark on the walls on the ground floor, with a dump patch, no more than meter up the wall and preparing it using right staff prior to plastering
  • after DPC installation (Damp Proof Course).
  • existing painted walls in terms of quality,strength and adhesion etc.
  • identifying normal or very dry backgrounds to reducre high suction(by using suction control primer) as it can cause afterwars small cracks if not delt correctly
  • assisting in reducing air leakage of building by using right brand of plaster to plug gaps and cracks is a quick and easy way of maintaining air tightness.
  • identifying salt contamination on a background and carefully removing as heavy salt contamination can cause persistent damp problems, so it is important to establish whether the salts are purely from the drying process or whether a more serious damp problem exists.